season 2016

The Fashion Machine (FaMa) edition in DordtYart was a visual installation. As with the FaMa edition in
Het Nieuwe Instituut, visitors were invited to continue to work on the fleece knits and fashion data
was shown in the exhibition.

DordtYart functioned primarily as a breeding ground for the development of extreme spatial work for Electric Co,
Re-Couture collections by Conny Groenewegen. The goal of the experiments, was to make skeletons from knitted
plastic monofillaments combined with virgin wool for a ‘spacepod’, a private space. Eventually the material
became too heavy, resulting in a collection of rough outlines for dramatically shaped coats rather than spacious
tents or cocoons. For four months, three assistants helped with designing the collection that was later also shown
in the residence of the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Hôtel d’Avaray, during Paris Fashion Week.

Graphic Design: Rudy Guedj
Exhibition Assistants: Wendy Cornelis, Naomi Hille and Nadine Möckli
Special thanks to: DordtYart, Mondriaan Fonds