Temporary Fashion Museum
September 2015 untill May 2016

The upper floor of the Temporary Fashion Museum in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam had been turned into Fashion Machine,
a large installation, part of the exhibition Fashion Data, which showed the fight against the destructive reality of fashion
industry. Conny Groenewegen designed it and put it in motion and she did so in cooperation with graphic designer Rudy Guedj.
He demonstrated on posters in clear lines what was going on in these spaces filled with volunteers and miles of fleece threads.

Curator Fashion Data: José Teunissen . Graphic design: Rudy Guedj . Fashion Machine
exhibition assistant: Verena Michels . Exhibition production: Babette Zijlstra . Special
thanks to: WereldWijven, Jolanda Branderhorst, Wieland Textiles, HKU fashion students,
Wendy Cornelis

Video: Marit Geluk . Photography: Johannes Schwartz and Ralph Vaessen